Monday, 30 April 2007

>>> Asian Dare #7! <<<

The Asian Dare #7 is out! The theme is 'Inspired by Fashion' and each of us had to take a photo of a fashion item and use that as inspiration for the LO. Here's mine:

I was inspired by the buttons on the jacket. Let's just say I say the jacket worn by a girl that was in my son's Nursery and we were at the Library organised by the Nursery. I politely ask the girl's mom if I could photograph her jacket.... she probably must think I'm mad but heck, when you see a scrapping opportunity, you do anything!

Here's the inspired LO! Made use of My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie papers... they are absolutely gorgeous to play with! Incidentally, that Ollie who decided to dress up in his nan's and aunt's outfit!


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