Saturday, 7 April 2007

>>> Legoland! <<<

Went off to Legoland with the kids. MIL, SIL and her two boys came along as well. We booked a hotel near Legoland so that we could spend 2 days there. Great hotel and we managed to spend one day using the pool facility. The boys had a great time, going on most of the rides. Thank goodness Zac got through the height restriction (0.9cm) and was allowed on most rides. As for me, hurt my back slightly on a roller coaster ride! To be honest didn't know it was gonna be one until I went thru the ride! One of those where you couldn't see what sort of ride. Anyway, here's some photos....

Day 1: Spent a day at Saville Garden before making our way to the Crown Plaza hotel.

Day 2: Legoland

This ride was fun!

The mega roller coaster ride. Poor Zac wasn't allowed due to height restriction so I had to bring him onto another ride.

The little ones on the cars

On the paddle boat.

We were lucky that there was a special lazer show at nite during the Easter holiday so we got a chance to watch it.

Day 3: Legoland again!
The boys stopped at a room and built cars that could race on a ramp.

The miniatures!

Ollie on the digger! Can't say it was easy to control.

The bigger boys on the cars. They must have gone on it at least 3 times!

Zac at the playground

Legoland was fun but not the waiting time for we had to wait at least 45 mins on any ride that we wanted to go on. We went back on the 2nd day to go on rides that we didn't manage to do on the first day. TTFN!

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