Sunday, 22 April 2007

>>> Busy! Busy! Busy! <<<

Look what came in the post this morning! The latest stamps from Banana Frog! Just joined their design team and am delighted to have these stamps!

The morning was spent in Birmingham town centre. I found a store that sells Crocs shoes for kids and we wanted to get one for Ollie. We got a white pair for Ollie, a khaki for hubby and for myself, I got another design called Prima in fushia.

Isn't that lovely! I wanted to get a design called Mary Jane but they didn't have my size! So went for the above instead. I'm now on a mission to collect as many designs as I can. Can't live without my Crocs!

We had tim sum at our usual restaurant before sending Ollie off for his Mandarin class. Then it was off to Asda to get some groceries. When we got back, it was time to sort the boys' clothes as they were staying overnite at their nan's. Hubby and myself had a wedding to attend at nite.

As I was wrapping up the present, I realised we forgot the card so I made a quick one using a Becky Fleck's card design and a stamp from Banana Frog:

It was fun to go out for the evening. Thank goodness for satnav as we would have gotten horribly lost as the hotel was located in the deepest countryside of Coventry! Wish there were more nites like this but it's so difficult when you have kids. TTFN!