Sunday, 8 April 2007

>>> Easter Egg Hunt! <<<

Weather was absolutely brillant! Great day for Easter Egg Hunt!

Brought the boys over to MIL's place where together with their cousins, they made their baskets. Then it was back to ours where hubby had already hidden some eggs for them to find. Had them lined up for photo session and off they went!
The two bigger boys were busily hunting and shouting with delight at every find while the two younger ones hunted in the shadow of their brothers. The adults had to help them a little.

Each had a big egg to hunt with their names on, a smaller plastic egg, again with their names on and tiny ones which was free for all. It was so funny seeing them search and hooting with glee!

Eventually the two younger ones had enough of hunting and were eager to tuck into their eggs. The bigger boys were competing to see who had more eggs!

Hubby decided to do a barbeque and thankfully we had food in the freezer for that!
We managed chicken wings, streaky pork, sausages, mash & baked potatoes and brocoli.

I had to nip out to get hubby's cake from the bakery as it's his birthday tomorrow. Didn't realise that shops were closed!

We had dinner on the patio. It was fabulous, great food, sunshine... what more could you ask for!

The afternoon was spent sitting out in the garden while the boys played and made a lot of noise! Thankfully Spiderman 2 came on at 5.30pm and we got them in to watch. SIL and her boys left after the show.

Ollie and Zac went off to sleep almost instantly after their bedtime stories... well, not surprising since they had such a good afternoon! TTFN!

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