Sunday, 28 March 2010

~ Sunday ~

Woke up to a brilliant, sunny day! Nothing like the sun to cheer you up. Also had to change the clocks/watches in the house as it went forward by an hour. Can't say I like it much but at least the day will be longer now. 

Hubs dropped me off at the NEC where HobbyCraft was on. I had a good time strolling through the stalls and getting stuff off my wanted list. Best bargain was a pack of 50 cards & envelopes for £2.99! The only advantage going on Sunday was that stalls were slashing prices to entice buyers. I also managed to get 3 sticklers & 2 distressed sticklers for a fiver (well, it was 5 for £5)! Bargain! You had to check prices out as they vary from stalls to stalls on the same item! There were considerably far less stalls than the November event, hence I managed to complete my rounds by the early afternoon! Went home and had a play with them!

Looking forward to this week as it's the last day of school term and a 2 weeks break. Yay! Haven't schedule any outing yet but we always do stuff at the spur of the moment. I'm just thankful not to have to get up early in the morning! TTFN!

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