Sunday, 14 March 2010

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

I think the UK is the only country that celebrates it in March as I know most other countries celebrate in May! Anyway, hubs brought MIL and moi to my fav Chinese restaurant, China Court in Chinatown. Thank goodness we went early as we didn't have to queue. Place was packed and food was great! After that, we headed over to the Chinese bakery to grab some cakes. 

The afternoon was spent sorting out clothes for Zac as he's off to a 3 day camp, organised by his school. He goes tomorrow and come back on Wednesday. Not doubt I will miss him like hell but it would have been selfish of me not to let him go and enjoy the experience of an outdoor adventure. I certainly enjoyed it when I went as a teenager and I'm glad he has the chance to go (albeit at this early age!) TTFN!

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Edleen said...

Happy Mother's Day Audrey! no photos of food??? ;)

i'm sure he'll enjoy the adventure while you miss him :D have a fun week ahead!