Thursday, 25 March 2010

~ Concert No. 3 ~

It was a hectic day today. The boys had to leave school early to go to Adrian Boult Hall in Birmingham town centre for a violin rehearsal and later a concert at 7.30pm. The highlight of this was the bus ride to the town centre. The boys were delighted to take the double-decker bus and be able to sit on the upper deck at the front! They enjoyed it so much that they wanted to take the bus back home!!! Just goes to show how rare we use public transport!

Fortunately, no camera/video equipment was banned so I managed to capture precious moments from the concert. Here's a few....

The moment when it was their time to play.

Apart from playing their instrument, they had to sing in the choir too.

The finale

The concert was organised by the Birmingham Music Service. They provide free music lessons as well as Ensemble/Orchestra at various places. We represented the Birmingham East Strings Orchestra. Ours was one of the five concerts held over 2 weeks. The boys certainly enjoyed themselves. They will have to keep up their energy for another concert tomorrow! TTFN!

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