Saturday, 27 March 2010

~ Saturday ~

Where do I start? An early start for me to help out at the car boot event in my son's school. I was in charge of refreshments. Have to thank God for giving us a sunny albeit windy weather. Can't say I bought anything from the car boot, nothing caught my fancy. It was a good turnout and we made a smashing profit for half a day's work!!! 

The afternoon was spent at another concert (yet again but thankfully the last one). The boys usually attend a violin workshop twice a month and this was the accumulation of those workshops.... as a concert! This is then usually followed by a party.

Here are the boys performing their piece based on the group they are in. They are separated into groups based on the music book they are working on. 

The boys couldn't wait to tuck into the party food. Well, after all the hard work they have done, why not! TTFN!

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