Friday, 24 April 2009

>>> TGIF! <<<

So the first week of the school term ended with a bang! Zac's school held a St George's theme disco. As part of the PTA group, I was, of course, involved, much to the disgust of Zac as he hates dancing but was forced to attend. I managed to get MIL to pick the eldest from Junior school. Didn't think she could handle both of them on the bus on her way home (she doesn't drive). The disco went well, although my ears are smarting from the excited screams of the kids. 200 ish kids attended so you can imagine the logistic of keeping control and sorting snacks out! Would be interesting to know how much we collected as everything goes towards the school fund. The next activity will be a car boot sale and I'm gonna make sure I get some stuff to sell... got loads in the loft!

Talking about St Georges' Day which occured yesterday, I was surprised to find how low key it is in England, compared to the other Saints day in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Makes you wonder if the English are proud to be English and if so, why aren't they celebrating it. St Patrick's Day is not only big here but in the US as well. There were some celebrations around but it was so low key. Sad really especially when it's time to celebrate and nothing is done! TTFN!

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