Friday, 10 April 2009

>>> Easter Egg Hunt! <<<

It's Good Friday today and I arranged for my boys' friends to join them in an Easter Egg hunt. I've done this almost every year and usually with their cousins but as they are away on holiday, I found them another pair of siblings to join them. It's boring if they simply hunt alone. Their parents were invited as well and we had tea after the egg hunt. The morning saw me baking cupcakes and banana loaf. The kids were dead excited. The weather didn't cooperate and it drizzled. Thankfully, it stopped for a while and during that time we made a quick dash to hide the eggs and then got the kids to look for them. Luckily by the time they found them all (if they did), the rain started again. I tell you, weather here especially on a bank holiday is rather crap! Seldom do we get sunshine, just when you needed it most!

The adults had a great time chatting as well. Later found out we enjoyed similar kind of food so that's good news! We even indulged in a bit of Wii game too. Yup, adults and kids challenging each other. It was fun! Anyway, I leave with some images of today's event:

The cupcakes that I baked. Since it's Easter, hence the mini eggs theme. Behind is the banana loaf that I baked.

The kids having a photo session before they went hunting. They had already spotted a couple of eggs and were raring to go!

Showing each other their eggs! Each one had a biggie which was labelled with their name and they could only pick it up if it was theirs!

Ollie found his big one!

Here they are with their eggs! Between them there were 65 eggs! Why is it so difficult to get them to pose without their silly faces esp my boys!!!

Definitely do it again next year! TTFN!

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