Tuesday, 7 April 2009

>>> Flurry Of Activities <<<

Yay! It came! My DT kit! What a sigh of relief! Couldn't have been more pleased to see the postie handing me a huge parcel (bought extra stuff including 2 new Fiskars border punches! (Addicted to them).

Woke up early (9ish!) as I had a lot to do... laundry (yup, yet again), tidy the house and clean the loo. Got the boys to tidy up their toys too and they were good and did it! After all, they made the mess, so they jolly well have to clean it since I'm not the maid!

Their classmates and their nan arrived quarter to 1. We had planned to go to Blakesley Hall where there's a crafting activity for the kids. The activity was to decorate a mask and all of us had a go. After that, we took a look at the house. Imagine... living here for nearly 10 years and I've yet to enter the Blakesley House! They did a good job of renovating and restoring it and it was interesting to see how it was like in those olden days! Big house though! I leave with some photos of today!

The gang working on their masks.

Ollie's mask which he somehow managed to lose while doing an activity in Blakesley House!

Zac drew a lot on his as he disliked feathers!

Here's mine!

The foursome. The gals are classmates of the boys!

Off to create tonite! TTFN!

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