Sunday, 12 April 2009

>>> Happy Easter! <<<

It's Good Friday today! The weather sucks but what else is new especially in this country. I had arranged for an Easter egg hunt with the boys' classmates and their family so it had to go on. Spent the morning baking cupcakes and banana loaf.

We had invited them over for tea.

The party arrived nearly 3ish. The guys lost no time in hiding the eggs. Thank goodness it had stopped raining. As soon as the customary photos were taken i.e. before the hunt, they were off.

The kids made their own baskets and decorated them too.

Each of them had a huge egg, clearly labelled with their name and only that person could pick it up. The smaller eggs were free for all. The kiddies had so much fun hunting for them. You could hear squeals of delight and shouts of 'I found another one'.

The hunt for the eggs!

Before the hunt, I counted I had 65 eggs. No sure if they managed to find them all but thank goodness, it was over before the rain fell again.

Their goodies!

Will definitely do it again next year, hopefully in better weather conditions! TTFN!

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