Monday, 13 April 2009

>>> Bank Holiday Monday! <<<

It was Bank Holiday Monday and hubs decided to bring us out to Conkers. Got lost somehow on our way there... blame it on bad signpost or rather lack of it! Anyway, we ended up in a National Forest area which was crowded with people. Hubs went to ask for directions for Conkers and got a map too. After an hour there, we made our way to Conkers.

The entrance to Conkers! It's like a huge park with lots of activities for the kiddies. Good weather recommended!

Train ride around the park. Included already in the ticket price.

The little rascal enjoying this particular activity. Actually queued patiently for his turn and returned for more!

The Animal Man showing off his pets!

Supposedly for teenagers and adults only but Oliver had a go at it with the aid of his dad at the initial part.

We had a great day at Conkers. It's a huge park, great for picnic but they needed to extend the time. We left at 6pm and already the reception area was closed. We managed to get out via the restaurant. TTFN!

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