Wednesday, 29 April 2009

>>> Natter Natter! <<<

So hubs is asking me what I wanna do for my birthday which incidentally is this Friday, yup May Day but unfortunatetly this country only celebrate holidays on a Monday and I've got to work on my birthday. All through my life my birthday always falls on a public holiday until I came to this country! Frankly I've not idea. My SIL suggested going to the Safari Park. Hubs told me and I laughed! Yeah rite... going to the Safari Park in his Jag XF! She must be joking rite! (In case anyone doesn't know my hubs, his latest car is like a precious bebe to him... enough said). With his luck, he'll probably have a rhino stamping on his car!

Anyway, this morning, he asked if I was interested in going to Legoland! Frankly NO! I dun like theme parks but I know my boys do and they have been asking lately about going there. Oh well, might have to check out if there's any offers since it's a long weekend too. Well, more photo opportunities for me and I think I need to get another 4gb memory card. Thank goodness they are so cheap these days!

I might have a BBQ on Sat instead! Will have to check up the weather on it! TTFN!

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