Wednesday, 8 April 2009

>>> Day of Surprises! <<<

Wow! Today's a brillant day! Checked out 365 Cards site and found myself a winner for their daily draw that they are having at the moment! Cool! Then I went over to Card Patterns and found that my card was one of the top 5 (out of 74 cards submitted). Godsmacked! I do them for fun really (and to use up my stash) but it's such an honour when it gets selected! :) Pity, I've to give it away... I seldom keep my cards... they are made to be given away most of the time, hence the excessive usage of stamps!

Took the boys for extra violin lesson. I had arranged with their school music teacher and we went to his place for their lessons. Boy was he a busy bee... when we reached there, he was teaching a 3 yr old gal. Then it was our turn and after that, another gal turned up. Well, not surprised as he's a brillant teacher and the boys have improved tremendously under him! Zac has now progressed to the next song, and is on par with Oliver. It will be much easier if both were on the same level in terms of teaching. They have only 2 more songs to go before they finish Book 1. Hoping they get that done before the summer hols!

Had to go and get goats milk for Zac as his rashes were beginning to come out. He's allegic to cow's milk and because we ran out of goats milk (including the supermarket!), I gave him a tiny bit of cow's milk for his cereal for the past few days. Big mistake... cow's milk is just lethal for him. Praying his rashes doesn't erupt as he's terrible with scabs! He simply picks on them and makes them bleed! Eeks!

We eventually made our way home and spent the afternoon chillin' out. Weather's been brillant despite the prediction of downpour. TTFN!

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