Sunday, 5 April 2009

>>> Sunday! <<<

The boys surprised me this morning! Ollie came in with his homework done! (sound of jawdropping!) Most of the time, I've to nagged at him to do it but he got up early, did his homework and even got his brother to do his as well as helped him get changed! His reasoning... so that he can play his DS without interruption. He certainly got what he wanted!

Hubs allowed me to lie-in this morning. He took the boys to the park with their bycycles and taught the youngest one to cycle 2 wheels. And he did it! Yay! Pity I wasn't there to capture it but I need my sleep more! LOL!

Easter break has begun! The boys are off for two weeks and I've already got a range of activities for them for this coming week. Nothing exhausting, just something relaxing and not prohibitively expensive! It's amazing how much a family outing can cost!!!

On the crafting side, I'll be working on 2 classes for BackPorch Memories cybercrop on 17th-19th April. Also waiting for my DT kit from BPM as well... hope it doesn't take too long. Absolutely hate last minute work esp when you have so much ideas and so little time! Off to make cards... TTFN!

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