Monday, 6 April 2009

>>> Natter Natter! <<<

Today started out easy. The boys had a lie-in as well and we didn't get up from bed till about 10ish! As for me, the afternoon was spent sorting out the laundry. I had several baskets of clean clothes that needed folding and sat on my bed, folding them while watching taped episodes of Desperate Housewives and Dirty Sexy Money! Luv my American soaps! Once done, tackled the mountain pile of clothes that needed ironing. Managed to shoo the boys off to karate so that I could get an hour of peace!

Will have to tidy the house tomorrow as I've got guests coming this week. House's in a state esp with the kids' toys everywhere! Got some baking to do as it's hubs' birthday this Thursday. Got him a book, Grow Your Own Drugs by James Wong, the chappie who makes remedies thru herbs etc. There's currently a TV programme with the same title on him. Having an Easter Egg hunt on Good Friday with my boys' classmates. Will be fun. Praying that it won't rain too heavily as rain is predicted. Darn the British weather... where is the sun when you need it!

So much to do and so little time. Hope I can squeeze a bit of crafting in somehow ... still waiting for my BPM DT kit ... deadline is Friday and I just hope it comes before then! TTFN!

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