Thursday, 9 April 2009

>>> Happy Birthday ... <<<

to Hubs! It's his birthday today and he's at work. Unfortunately he couldn't take a day off.

As for myself, been busy running errands and baking. Had to go to the supermarket to get 2 sets of extra Easter eggs for tomorrow's egg hunt as well as top up on baking ingredients. Came home and made cupcakes for hubs. Created my own buttercream to add to the cupcakes but I think I need to reduce the amount of icing sugar as I found it a wee bit too sweet (followed a recipe from a book).

The wee one caught red-handed sticking his fingers into the cream. Well, I supposed his way of indicating it's his!

The birthday boy! The bigger one that is!
Had to get another cake stand as my pink one is used to hold my wood-mounted stamps and it was becoming a hassle taking them out each time I wanted to use it.


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