Thursday, 25 June 2009

>>> You Gotta Be Kidding Me! <<<

The drama so far... my youngest is supposed to swap his toy for another. I already told him to pick sensibly. So I picked him up from school in the afternoon and what greeted me was this large teddy bear!!! OMG, he swapped a medium size teddy for a large one! I just couldn't believe my eyes. His explaination... the kids were asked to pick their toy in alphabetical order, hence he was one of the last few to go up. So by the time he went to pick his toy, there wasn't much on the table.... a Barbie, a pink crocodile, the large teddy and some other. So he went for the large teddy! Well, he seemed happy with his 'new' toy so what more can I say!!! And darn... forgot to take photos of his old teddy ... would make a great scrapping topic! LOL!

My bro just this minute told me that Michael Jackson has passed away! (It's 12.35 am at the moment on Friday morning) OMG! I'm seriously shocked! He was due to give a series of concerts in the UK next month. Gosh, his fans will not only be bitterly disappointed but the fact that he's no longer around. His concert tickets sold out like hot cakes too! Will be interesting to see the reactions of his Brit fans when they find out! Just goes to show life is so transient... here today, gone tomorrow! TTFN!

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