Tuesday, 30 June 2009

>>> 365 Cards Day 121 & 122 <<<

Day 122 is 'It's A Wrap' and it calls for using wrapping paper on the card! Pam certainly comes up with very interesting challenges for making card! So a hunt in my craft room found this perfect wrapping paper! Would you believe it that it was a wrapper for a box of choccies! When I first saw it, I immediately thought it was perfect for crafting and hence, I unwrapped it very carefully and kept the wrapper. It certainly came in handy as I've used it in a LO and now a card. So here's my card with this delish wrapping paper:

Background stamp and sentiment from Unity June 09 KOTM set.

Forgot to add, the choccies were delish! Unfortunately it's all gone now! :)


Day 121 is 'Four Seasons' which calls for incoporating all four seasons on the card. Gulp! I don't exactly have stamps depicting the four seasons although I do have definitions of them. Hence, they were used and I used pictures to depict what each season represents:

Season definition stamps from Purple Onion Designs. Bee, ice cubes in glass, santa images & sentiment from Unity. Pumkin image from Little Yellow Bicycle Spooky range. Background rectangular image from Hero Arts.

Can't say I'm thrilled with the card but it's done! Not gonna go grey over it! TTFN!


Anonymous said...

That top card is simply SCRUMPTIOUS! I adore it.

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking wrapping card, I am glad they were good but now I want some. Your 4 seasons card is really fun and pretty!!!! great job, and thanks for sharing, the cards not the chocolates.

Sherry said...

Well I am definitely a fan of both cards, but being one of those weird people who don't like chocolate I like the 2nd card.

~amy~ said...

audrey, both of your cards are sooo much fun! I really like the seasons one...great job on that!

Jenny S. (UK) said...

Both absolutely brilliant cards, the first one is yummy and the 4 seasons is so clever.

willow said...

Love the first card, that paper looks so made for that card, the seasons one is very clever thinking

Gloria Stengel said...

I think I shorted out my monitor trying to lick those chocolates! Wow, one yummy card.

Your card for 4 seasons is VERY clever!