Wednesday, 3 June 2009

>>> Bye Zac! <<<

My wee li'l babe went off to Bell Heath Residental Study Centre today! Saw him off at school and nope, didn't shed a tear but it did left me feeling a little lonely! He's off for 3 days and 2 nites and will be back on Friday afternoon. Initially, he was rather reluctant to go but after getting him involved in packing and showing him his itinerary, he got used to the idea! I leave with some photos of him...

The wee mite rolling his own bag to the bus!

Just before boarding

This photo (& below) came from the school blog. They set up one to show the kids' activities for the day. There he is in the red t-shirt. They were involved in animal orienteering.

In the field playing games.

Have to say the house is so much quietier without him around. Missing him a lot too! But it's a good experience for him and I know he will enjoy it as he's very much an outdoor person! TTFN!

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