Saturday, 27 June 2009

>>> Summer Fayre! <<<

So it was my eldest son's Summer Fayre at his school. I was helping out at the books and went in early to set it up. There were dark clouds about but it was decided it would be held outside regardless. 'Think positive' that was what I was telling everyone who looked up at the dark clouds! The clouds can stay there just as long no rain fell. And you know what? We had a fabulous day... not only it didn't rain, the sun even came out and halfway through, I had to apply sun block lotion and wear a hat! Yes, it was that hot! We had a good crowd and we had a strong man demonstration i.e. he pull a fire engine! My boys had a great time... spending money! I leave with some photos of the day!

Ollie was quick to spend his first pound at the sands... putting colourful sand into plastic bottles.
He was supposed to help me set up the book stall!

The li'l one managed to win himself this hammer!

Moi! Had to get my hat when the sun came out! The day started out cloudy.

At work, tidying the books. We didn't do too badly.

Ollie entertaining the crowd with his violin.

The strong man attempting to pull a fire engine! He did it!


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~amy~ said...

Looks like fun!!!! Thanks for sharing the great pics!