Friday, 5 June 2009

>>> He's back! <<<

My wee, li'l babe is back from camp! The school texted me to say he was arriving at 2.10pm and thankfully I was in his school (I usually help out on Friday afternoons) and was there to welcome him with open arms. In typical British fashion, it rained! However, I was so glad that his three days there were rain-free and he had complete sunny weather!

He was so proud to show me his cute teddy bear that he had found in the woods. Apparently, the kids went on a bear hunt and found a teddy with their names on it. I literally grilled him about his camp and got him to talk about it. He told me a lot of interesting stuff and how he felt homesick on day 2 and cried but was comforted by his teacher. (There were other kids too who felt homesick on the first nite). Oh and how he held off from pooing as he didn't like to poo in a different place. He got home (Nan's place) and went straight to the toilet and did the most stinkiest poo ever! Poor chap! I think he had fun there and I'm sure the experience taught him a lot. He did a great job packing his own bag and brought everything home.

It's good to have him back! No doubt he will be getting loads of hugs and kisses from us. TTFN!

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