Saturday, 23 May 2009

>>> What A Fabulous Day! <<<

So hubs has been keeping a secret from me! Found him acting rather suspiciously and decided to check the garage! Guess what! He had taken stock of his new Vespa scooter yesterday and kept it mum. Not to mention he spent the early morning (like 6am) riding it around! Cheeky sod!

Have to say, it's a beauty. Maybe, just maybe, I might be able to learn to ride it as I don't need a separate licence for it. Watch this space...

In the evening, we headed towards our friend's place for a curry nite. I use the word curry loosely as our friend couldn't bring herself to order curry and had come up with a mediterranean meal which suited the weather perfectly. We sat outside to eat and the boys had great fun playing with water and water bombs with the gals!

Throwing water bombs at each other!

Just wish there were more of such a weather. Makes such a big difference to people's moods. TTFN!

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