Tuesday, 26 May 2009

>>> Blog Makeover! <<<

I thought it was about time my blog had a makeover. It was looking a wee bit dated and I found a couple of blogs that provided images for the makeover. Firstly, I got the background vintagy image from Background Fairy and the banner from Banners of Blessing. Maybe one day I will make my own banner but for now, this will do! I had to upgrade my blog as well so that it would make the makeover much easier. I started my blog before the new changes took over. It was a simple matter of pressing a button and viola, blog updated! Pretty impressive and now making changes is so much easier! Kinda like the new look and have updated links as well. TTFN!


Beautifullily said...

Great feel to your blog - love the makeover

Fran, said...

I really like your new blog. It fun to make a change. Looking at your cards, you do beautiful work. :-)