Thursday, 7 May 2009

>>> Not Feeling Good! <<<

I think there's a flu bug going around as I can feel myself a little bung out! My throat hurts and I'm feeling rather lethargic. The boys are slightly down as well but not down enough not to go to school! The weather here has gone cold again. Shan't bother about putting winter clothes away... we still need it!

Seriously need to do a big clearout of clothes. I've got loads taking up space and some are better off given away as I will never ever wear them again. The only problem is finding the time to do it. It is a tedious process and consume loads of time which I much rather use it for creating!

Which reminds me, the mailman had better bring my BPM DT kit soon ... really dislike the postal system in my area... they take ages to deliver parcels and I know for a fact as I'm usually one of the last to receive any parcels while my friends get theirs early (and I'm talking about the same parcel arriving here from the US). TTFN!

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