Saturday, 2 May 2009

>>> Birthday BBQ <<<

Celebrated my birthday with a BBQ. Thankfully the weather held up, being cloudy with touches of sunshine at times. I made my usual birthday cupcakes.

Food was great. We had pork kebab (created by hubs), vege kebab (done by moi), chicken kebab, sausages, prawns (which I had forgotten to take pics of but they were delicious), chicken wings (prepared by hubs) and fried rice (cooked by hubs).

SIL brought me a cake (so sweet of her).

Nice to be surrounded by the kids... didn't get a chance to blow the candles... they did it for me!

Cake was absolutely delicious.
In case anyone is wondering, it's from Costco, including the sausages, chicken kebab and prawns (all courtesy from SIL)! The food from there was just fab! I dun generally like sausages but I have to admit that it was plain delicious!

My nephew accidentally lost his shoe in the bushes and that kept us busy hunting for it. Eventually SIL's boyfriend found it! Literally everyone had a go, poking around the fence.

Guests of mine helping to look for the missing shoe!

Gotta thank hubs for setting it up all. He did a great job preparing the bbq, marinating meat etc. and being the chef on that day too!

The evening was spent playing on my new Wii board. All of us (esp the adults) had a go on it, hula hooping, ski down the slope, ski jump etc. We had so much fun, laughing and exercising at the same time. No wonder I hit the sack immediately with my boys! Fab day and a great birthday! TTFN!

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