Friday, 29 May 2009

>>> Oh No! Not Friday Again! <<<

Eek! Half term is almost over. Had so much fun staying at home with the boys.

Hubs was back early and he brought me out for a ride on the Vespa! Left the boys with their nan. Gosh, it was exhilarating! I luv it! We ended up in Touchwood, Solihull where we had dinner there at La Tasca. We tried the tapas meal for 2 persons and it was amazing! The food was ever so good. Waiter informed us that the menu was new, came out only 2 weeks ago. Definitely be going back for more!

All I need is a new helmet. The one I was wearing was wayyy too heavy! One thing for sure, will definitely be going out more on that baby! Now all we need is to name and bless it. Where's that holy water..... TTFN!

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