Sunday, 3 May 2009

>>> Drayton Manor <<<

So we prebooked to go to Drayton Manor with my SIL and her family. Not exactly my ideal place but at least it gives the chance for the boys to expand their energy and to spend time with their cousins!

Weather was brillant although not very warm when the wind blew! I was all covered up (better be warm than cold anytime!) The kids had a great time although I felt they didn't go on as much rides. In fact, majority of the rides suited adults more i.e. Maelstrom, Apocalypse, G Force, Pandemonium etc. Still they did go on some rides which satisfied them. We did visit the zoo as well. I leaves with some photos!

Oliver on one of the rides that goes up and down in Thomas Land.

This li'l boy actually won that humongous dinosaur by himself by throwing 2 boys into a basket! He was thrilled beyond bits at winning! We didn't carry that dinosaur with us all day. Hubs left it in the car after this shot.

The Mountain Buffalo Coaster ride.
The Sombrelo ride

The Flying Boat ride

The monkeys from the zoo.

The water ride, the last ride of the day. Good thing as they got wet! Thankfully after this, we went home.

The theme park close at 6pm. Here are the boys having a final pose!

On the crafting side, Caardvarks featured my Easter tags (they are having a weekend of showcasing readers' creations and my project was chosen to be featured). You can see it here! TTFN!

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