Sunday, 24 May 2009

>>> Ragley Hall! <<<

Another great sunny day and we lost no time in heading out towards Ragley Hall for a day out. Brought along a picnic bag, ball and frisbee. There was a classic car show there as well. The boys were more interested in playing in the Adventure Land which had loads of playground equipment to keep them occupied. Ollie even made a friend there whose parents were showing off their classic Jag.

Hubs and moi found a shady spot just under the tree and set up our picnic area. Sorry but I'm no sun worshipper as much as I like the sun for warmth, you will never ever catch me sun-tanning! It was such a lovely day and we sat down, had our picnic and even took a rest. We did pop over to see the classic cars exhibition and those old cars were lovely. There were stalls around and Hubs managed to find a Vespa keychain for his scooter, moi a sun hat, Ollie a jumbo ball and Zac a Power Ranger toy figure.

We left around 5ish and got home just in time to catch Night at the Museum on Channel 4. What a coincidence that it was shown as we wanted to see it after having seen Part 2. It was equally funny and I can't decide which is better. I think both are equally good. TTFN!

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