Thursday, 21 May 2009

>>> Road Closed! <<<

I was bringing my boys to school and noticed this gush of water flowing down the road on both sides. Uh oh! Water pipe burst! Anyway, Water Trent was quick on the scene and closed the road so that they could dig up. Now my road happens to be a well-used road especially at prime time. It's a road where loads of drivers use it as short cut and despite having 2 ramps, still speed up and down like a mad hatter. So the bottom of the road was blocked off with a large sign saying 'road closed', not completely as they left a wee gap for residents on that road.

Now you would think drivers would take notice of the sign but noooo, you get idiots who think they are above the law and drive through only to find that they have to make a U-turn and go back! Sitting by the window, I easily counted 10 smart-arsed drivers in half an hour who ignored the sign! Seriously, did they think that the sign was there for other drivers and not them???

Anyway, I had a walk and past the hole they had dug up. Let's hope they don't take too long to fix as the water pressure is pretty low at the moment!

Having the road closed certainly have made it rather quiet! However, this means it will take longer for me to go to school tomorrow as I've to take a slightly longer route! Thank god it's Friday and last day of the school term! TTFN!

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