Sunday, 17 May 2009

>>> Sunday Fanfare! <<<

Zac was invited to his classmate's toboggan birthday party held at the Ackers Adventure. Weather was crap but it didn't bother the kids one bit. As soon as they laid their hand on the toboggan, they were off to the slope, squealing down with delight as they made their way down. At the beginning, it was kinda messy, with the kids falling over each other but they somehow got the hang of it and after that, they made sure as soon as they were at the bottom of the slope, they got off quick. It drizzled at the beginning, then stopped and then started again towards the end of the party. But the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Zac had boundless energy... he carried on and on and at one point, even went down backwards! I leave with some photos of the event....

My wee li'l one trying a backward stunt!

Ollie whizzing down

The two boys. They certainly enjoyed it and I thought it was a brillant idea too. Goes to show you don't need snow to toboggan!

The boys doing it together. Later we found out they weren't allowed to share a toboggan.

An overview of the venue.

Just a li'l toot... got an email to say I made it to the Bellaboo design team. Cleo, the owner, does kits and I can't wait to work with the June kit which will be featuring My Mind's Eye papers. TTFN!

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