Saturday, 30 May 2009

>>> Sizzling Saturday! <<<

Weather was brillant today. Sizzling hot and sunny. We woke early and made our way to Birmingham town center, hoping to get a free parking space. Evidently a lot of people had the same idea too so ended up in a paying lot. First stop was the Games store to see if we could trade in the boys' DS for a DSi but unfortunately they only wanted £30 for it and even the games that we brought in to trade were only worth £17 for 2. However, when the chap saw Ollie's DS, it was a no no as his had a cracked hinge. Zac's DS is even worst... a wonky button! Then again, what's the point of having a DSi as their main interest is playing games. I certainly don't want them surfing the net thru their DS. Not sure if the new features of the DSi would attract them that much, certainly not at their age.

Next stop, the O2 store to see if we can get a new mobile phone (Contract's ending and we qualify for a new phone). Luv the IPhone but it's just not worth paying so much for a phone as I hardly use it. I think an ITouch would be more suitable. Anyway, didn't find any phone particularly attractive so we left it at that!

The rest of the day was spent shopping for clothes for the boys. Did pop into WHSmith to check out Scrapping Trends but saved my pennies instead. If I do want inspiration, the net has loads of them. Pointless buying a mag for it. I did pop into the Works to get some gifts for the teachers. It's another 6 weeks before the school terms ends so best get crackling early. I've this knack of leaving it till the last minute and then stressing myself out! We had lunch at one of the Chinese takeaways instead of our usual Chinese restaurant. Thankfully the food was just as good but then again, the bulk of the customers were Chinese so I guess it's a good sign then! Hit home around 2ish and chilled out in the garden. The boys had bought some water bombs to play and spent some time filling it with water and hitting each other with it!

The evening was spent in front of the TV watching the finals of Britain's Got Talent! I luv that show and I was so pleased that Diversity won. They thoroughly deserved it as their dance cheorography was simply mind blowing and amazing! And the fact that the whole group consisted of guys of different ages and yet their dance routine blend them in effortlessly! Just fantastic! Felt sorry for Susan Boyle as everyone touted her to win but hey, I'm sure she will get contracts regardless of a 2nd place position!

Today was a great day! Wish there was more such sunny days. Tomorrow the boys are playing in a concert somewhere in Leicester! Best get my SD card ready! TTFN!

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