Friday, 22 May 2009

>>> TGIF! <<<

Hooray! It's the last day of the school term and it's feel good to know it's half term next week! No more rushing around in the morning or trying to drag the boys out of their beds! Strangely enough, they seem to be able to get up early during half term!!!

Hubs came home early today (for a change) and we headed out to the movies to watch 'Night at the Museum 2'. Zac refused to go so we left him at his Nan's. At Star City, hubs and I managed to grab a bite at the Indian cafe next to the cinema. I had always wanted to try out the food there and it was fab! I had dosa filled with potatoes and spices. It was simply delicious. We had 2 platters of different stuff and it was great. Will definitely eat there again. The movie was funny and we had a good laugh. Will have to catch the first one as we missed seeing it.

Weather's predicted to be hot and sunny tomorrow! Can't wait! TTFN!

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