Sunday, 30 November 2008

>>> The Weekend! <<<

Ohhh this is the last day of November, before mayhem starts!

Woke up early this morning so that we could get to the town centre early to visit the German Fair and to get a space in the free parking areas! But seriously, I was warned that it would be extremely crowded at the German Fair and therefore, didn't want to be part of the crowd. We arrived there at 10am and the stalls were just beginning to open. We had a good walk around and got myself a packet of sweetened macadenia nuts and a plain pretzel to munch on. Didn't buy anything as I didn't find anything worth buying really.

My favourite store - sweetened nuts

Munching on plain pretzel

The boys

Then we took a walk around the Bull Ring but again, it was more window shopping as I didn't find anything worth buying. Managed to get some free DS stylus as they were having a promotion of the Imagine game.

On our way back to the car, true to what hubs said, the German Fair was packed out with people. So glad we weren't part of it as I hate crowds! The rest of the afternoon was spent crafting while the boys did their homework and watched TV after! TTFN!

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