Saturday, 22 November 2008

>>> Bonus! <<<

So woke up early albeit reluctantly this morning to drag my petite arse to the Blues ground to attend a Birmingham Council meeting regarding the equal pay structure. They offered us a fix amount depending on the time you have worked and if you were agreeable, you had to sign it and the money would be deposited into the account asap! Seeing that I only worked less than a year and am glad to be getting something, I signed it without any fuss. Frankly what I'm getting doesn't pay the mortgage and it's only an allowance (to spend on more stash) and seriously couldn't be bothered with all the legal wrangling!

So I entered this room to sign and did a double take! Sheesh, I was in this private box overlooking the Blues football ground. Man, it was awesome! After signing my form, whipped out my camera and proceeded to take photos of the Blues ground. I was so dead impressed! It's lovely. I've never been to any football stadium since living here (and I've been here for more than 10 yrs) so this was an eye-opener! Here are some of the shots. Typical scrapper mentality! LOL!

A close-up look on that!

Gosh, the grass is so green and so well kept!

Wondering how Oliver is getting on in camp! Hope he's enjoying himself. Weather was great today although a wee bit cold. I'm sure he was involved in loads of activities. Can't wait to find out from him tomorrow how he got on.

I'm still organising my stamps. Thankfully I'm down to 2 bagfuls, the altered stamps and the words! Yup, I've that many that I've actually categorised them. I'm so enjoying using them now that they are so accessible and easy to look for!

All my stamps were initally categorised into different baggies. This bag represents the word stamps.

The above stamps have been categorised as labels. The images were stamped on a sheet of paper, then laminated and the stamps stored behind the images.

The sorted stamps are then filed in an A5 folder. Why A5 'cos I've got space for them on my shelves. If I had chosen A4, I would have difficulty putting them on my shelves. Have to say that buying A5 clear pockets and folders are wayyy more expensive than A4!!! Ridiculous!

I'm off to enjoy Saturday nite TV programmes and sort my stamps further. I seriously need to sort my word stamps as I use them a lot! TTFN!

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LeslieinTN said...

Clicking through blogland this evening and found yours. I'm a scrapper too. :) I love how you've organized your stamps. I keep thinking I need to do this. The A4 size is really a cool size to store them in.