Tuesday, 4 November 2008

>>> On Cloud Nine! <<<

Happiness is........knowing that you will be seeing a good friend soon! :)

Just heard from my best friend in China that she's coming over to the UK during the Xmas period. I'll be seeing her on Boxing Day. Sheesh, am I so excited.!We had nothing planned for Xmas and I was thinking how dull it was gonna be but no more! OMG, that's only next month! I think the countdown begins! This is for you CB, every cloud has a silver lining! I'm sure you know what I mean! :)

On the political front, I'm keeping a close eye on the American Presidental Elections. It will be so exciting to see who eventually steps into the White House. During my Uni days, I had to learn all the name of the American Presidents and the year they took power as part of my course. That also included the British Prime Ministers as well. You can imagine... my nites were spent memorising these people!!! Yes I do have great interest in politics. Unfortunately not many I know share that interest so chatting about it is hard! I was sent an email earlier today about being able to register as an overseas voter. Need to get that done as in my adult life, I've never voted before!!! I feel so cheated that I've never ever got the chance to put an X against the name of a candidate! Sad isn't it but true. Anyway, my constituency in Singapore is always a walkover! No opposition is strong enough to withstand the group candidatures especially when one of them happens to be the current Prime Minister!!! Now I need to check and see if I can vote in the UK, after having lived here for so long. Not a Brit citizen but by virtue of my country being part of the Commonwealth, I might just be able to! I look forward to the day when I can walk into the voting centre and put an 'X' against someone's name!

School starts today for the boys and so do I. Back to work again. I'm lucky that I only work during term time. I had to attend a meeting yesterday about some re-structuring to the pay system. Gosh it was just so complicating. Just as long as it doesn't result in a pay cut, I'm not bothered how they do it!

Well, my eyes will be glued to the TV today but not before watch CSI Miami! LUV the CSI dramas, all 3 of them. TTFN!

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