Wednesday, 5 November 2008

>>> History Has Been Made! <<<

Woke up this morning to find that Barack Obama has been elected as US President! Wow! That is one heck of a news! It will sure as hell bring changes and a new beginning to America. He will have to watch himself and his family very carefully from now onwards.... I'm sure security around him and his family will be more stringent. It will definitely be more interesting to see how he interact with the world as well. Who would have thought, by the words uttered by Martin Luther King , that this is exactly what has happened! Sheesh, the political scene has suddenly become very intriguing!

It's Bonfire Nite tonite and I think the credit crunch has taken its toll. Didn't hear much fireworks going. Then again, it's Wednesday so not many might be celebrating it during the mid-week. Let's see if Sat will be any better. Not sure I'm gonna go to any bonfire celebration. It's getting incredible cold these days! Yuks!

Had a call from Ollie's Headmistress. I saw the school name coming up on my mobile and feared the worst, thinking my boy has misbehaved in school. However, she was trying to urge me to apply for the Parent Governor's post. There is currently 3 vacanies ongoing and a call for them. I did apply the previous time when there was a call for 1 post but didn't get it. I'm surprised she made a personal call to ask me. It does make it very difficult to say no, seeing that one of my boys is studying there and the youngest will join him in 2 yrs time. Oh well, I guess I've to write my intro speech. The Headmistress even wanted to use previous application to save me the trouble. I quickly declined. I much rather write another speech. Makes me wonder if they are worried they won't get any application..... mmm! Being a committee member of the PTA in the Infant school, I know that it's not easy to get parents to participate so at this higher level, they might be seriously short of people. Let's see what happens.

On the crafting front, been busy with BackPorch Memories Nov Solo kit. It came on Monday (slightly delayed) and I'm working on them before the 10th deadline. I would have prefered the Medley kit as the papers really rock my boat but that's the challenge!

Anyway, here are some other work that I've done ...

Card created using Scarlet Lim Oct main kit. Stamps from Label Tulip, Prima and Purple Onion Designs.

Card was created for last year's Xmas. Kept it as a spare.
The above cards were used for a challenge on BackPorch Memories forum whereby one had to use non-traditional images for making Xmas cards.

Been neglecting my A-Z BOM album so here's the letter N which I'm chosen to signify name. I had a hard time coming up with a suitable word and one day, it drawn on me to use my name and find out the meaning of it!

Another page of the above album. The letter 'O' was easy. Being a nite owl, I just had to record that. Played with transfer liquid and tranferred an image of moi on paper. Luv the effect of it.

Rite, off to re-organise my stamps. It's coming along very nicely and I had to get more folders, clear pockets and laminated sheets. I still have another half a dozen bags to go through, despite working as fast as I could. However, I'm liking the aftermath of it... it's so easy to use my stamps now. Why didn't I do it earlier??? TTFN!

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