Monday, 24 November 2008

>>> Brrrr! <<<

It was so darn cold today. I was literally freezing when I was out and about in the playground, despite being in layers. Sure as hell makes me wanna hibernate till Spring! Just checked my calendar and I got a motherload of activities coming up in December, all the way until school breaks up... violin concerts for the boys, school's Xmas Fayre, Xmas function (for hubs and moi) and DT stuff! I'll be wishing there will be more than 24 hrs in a day soon!

This fell into the shopping basket today. I've been deliberating for a while and decided today I needed it (doesn't help when I know there's cash coming in thanks to the forms that I signed on Sat!) Got as well as few embossing folders too as that is mainly what I want to use it for. Since my Sidekick broke, I had no access to my QK dies and hence, this Cuttlebug will fill the gap nicely! With this tool, I'm gonna invest in some nestabilities dies as well. I think they are great and will get some useful ones to play with!

Homewise, am so annoyed with Oliver. He misbehaved during camp and as a result, I've severely cut off his priviledges for this week. No DS or toys to play with , and loads and loads of homework (found this site where I could print out worksheets for him and have been churning out loads). Told him he will have not Xmas presents to open if he carries on with his bad behaviour! I'm so mad with him that I don't even feel like getting any Xmas pressies for him at all! Doesn't deserve any! Now Zac is different! Exact opposite of him and doesn't get into trouble at all and a model son! How on earth can 2 boys be so different especially coming from the same genes of both parents!!! Urghh! TTFN!

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