Friday, 21 November 2008

>>> Oh Gosh! It's Friday Again! <<<

Can you believe how the days are flying? It's Friday again and another whirlwind weekend for us!

First, here's Zac with his gingerbread man that he made in school. They are currently learning about it and I think it's great that his teachers get them to make and bake them. He sure did enjoy eating it but not before allowing me to capture it on film!

Have to say, it did taste good. I need to get the recipe as Zac wants to give it a go at home.

Tonite Oliver goes to camp! This will be his first time away from home alone. He's going with his Cubs members. His mom has been busy getting his gear ready and even added an extra blanket in case he gets cold (heard it's gonna be a wintery blast this weekend!) I hope he enjoys it as I certainly did enjoy my camping days during my teenage years!

Ollie's sleeping on the bottom bunk. Would have preferred he slept on top!

The boys together. As usual, can never get Zac to pose properly for me!

Popped into Tesco to do grocery shopping for next week. Managed to snag 2 Cath Kidston bags, her latest ones. I'm still after the Ottoman Rose one (the one with green background and red flowers). I'm a bag fanatic so nothing new here! Had a browse through the coats section but as usual, can't find anything my size! Pity as there was a 20% sale too. I'm after a coat but I really hate shopping unless it's online! Oh well, I'm sure I'll find one eventually. TTFN!

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