Friday, 28 November 2008

>>> Random Thoughts! <<<

Read with sadness about the political situation in Thailand. That country is always plagued with awful politicians and the never ending coup d'etat and the peaceful protest of its citizens. This time it has severely affect the country with the closure of Bangkok airport. It's such a lovely place to visit and I hope they find a solution quickly.

Then there's the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. What on earth is the world coming to? It's disheartening to think in this modern day and age that people cannot live harmoniously with each other and feel the need to inflict harm and death to others! Worst, that one is still judge by the colour of one's skin. That's really bad!

On a brighter note, Oliver and Zac has moved up a rank in their martial arts class. Parents were invited to see them demonstrate their moves and then handed their certificates. So proud of them!

On the craft side, still patiently or rather impatiently waiting for my Fall Survival kit from Homegrown. I'm always the last to receive it. Received my Cuttlebug and have yet to play with it as I've been busy with other stuff. Thank goodness I'm free this weekend (read... no extra curricular activities for the boys) so might devote it to crafting. Now to see how to get the hubs and boys out of the house!

On the homeside, I managed to clear out 2 bagful of the boys' clothes. Their school was asking for it as part of fund raising and I had a dig around their wardrobe and got rid of clothes that were too small for Zac. That boy gets a lot of hand me down clothes from his brother and cousins and therefore has a wide selection of clothes to wear (which his mom would pick and chuck the not so nice ones away). He has so much trousers that they don't all fit into the drawer! Also, he's such a skinny little chap that majority of them literally fall off him. So I have keep them till he's able to wear them. I seriously need to sort out their room. They need a proper wardrobe and loads of storage space for their toys as well as a desk. I'll be planning that during Dec and will get the stuff once the sales start.

Rite, off to create... haven't done anything this week and itching to play with my new toys! TTFN!

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