Sunday, 9 November 2008

>>> Remembrance Sunday! <<<

As Olllie is in Cubs, he was asked to take part in the march to the church for Remembrance Sunday. So together with MIL, we attended the ceremony at the church. Thank the Lord for blessing us with a sunny weather albeit a chilly one. This enabled us to hold the Remembrance ceremony outside the church as they had a tiny corner dedicated for this occasion.

It was an extremely chilly morning.

After the church ceremony, we headed off to a chinese restaurant in the town centre for tim sum. Haven't had it for ages and it was good!

Duck Hor Fun. The boys' fav dish!
This dish isn't exactly on the menu but you can request for it.

With a full and satisfied tummy, we then made our way to Costco for a nosey. Lots of Xmassy stuff on sale and the boys even managed a photo with Pudsey the bear.

All we bought was a box of Oreos biscuits and a box of bottled water. The problem with Costco is the bulk purchase or the extremely huge portions of food. Luv their cakes but it would take us ages to consume it and food generally don't keep that long. Fine if you're hosting a party but daily consumption is just too much for us! Did see some lovely choccies though. Will bear that in mind when I'm doing the teachers' Xmas gifts.

Spend the evening doing laundry i.e folding clothes and ironing. I had accumulated 3 baskets full of clean clothes that needed folding (thankless task!) As for ironing, completed a pile of them too in between watching Ghostbusters II! Might spend the last few hours of the day crafting! TTFN!

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