Saturday, 6 October 2007

>>> The Weekend Again! <<<

Man where have the days gone??? It's Friday again. Have been really busy with preparation for the Charity Crop as well as DT work not to mention spending valuable time with the boys too.

The postal strike has put a massive damper on things! Am expecting a few stuff for the Charity Crop and now wondering if they will reach on time. Most worrying is a parcel of goodies from Homegrown. It would be a great miracle if it does reach here by next Friday! As much as I do sympathise with the postal workers, I don't agree with the Union decision to strike... if they can't sit down to discuss a better pay prospect for their union members, then they don't deserve to be there! Why ask the Union members to strike due to their inefficiency at negotiation! So bloody inept the entire lot! This isn't the first strike... they must have striked about 4-5 times this year!

Had to do some clothes shopping today, something I absolutely dislike! Got a fancy ball to attend tomorrow based on the theme Arabian Nights. Managed to borrow an Arabian dress but the skirt was such a see-thru that there was no way I could just wear ordinary knickers! Hence went to look for a pair of leggings. Can't believe how hard it was to find one... checked into New Look, Debenham, Marks & Spencers and couldn't see any! Finally managed to obtain a decent one at River Island! Can I also say how awful this season's clothes were! Bold, multicoloured prints seem to be in fashion and they look hideous, well, to me! I did however drool over some M&S cardi and coats though... think I need a new coat for this Winter. Anyway, at M&S, couldn't resist their butter sultanas cookies as well as their chocco chips. Man, they make the best chocco chip cookies. Couldn't resist getting some M&S knickers too and bought a couple of new styles to try. Too bad majority of the size 8 were gone! The setback of being petite... always can't buy the sizes that I want.

Enough of rant.... off to do more creative stuff to release stress! TTFN!

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