Friday, 12 October 2007

>>> Busy and Excited! <<<

Oh gosh, the last two days has been a whirlwind! In fact, the last 2 weeks were nitemare! Last minute harassing sponsors for papers for class kit, raffle prizes etc! Been busy sorting out stuff for the Charity Crop and constantly wondering if I've missed out anything... that niggling worry that pops out quite often! On top of that, need to do my name tag too and pack my stuff for the crop. Doubt very much if I will get anything done but will pack something nonetheless! Nothing worst than twiddling your thumb when you have time to kill!

Suddently realised how slow my printer is when one has to print 100 sheets!!! You don't noticed much when you print a couple each time but in bulk, boy did it take long... about 3 hrs! Wanted to print on both sides but hubby got me the wrong kind of paper (paper for laser printer instead!!!) and as a result, a couple tend to get printed together which further worsen and lengthen the printing process! In the end, I gave up and printed on individual sheets instead.

Postal system in a mess! Not getting the stuff that I'm waiting for and doubt very much I'll get the overseas parcel I'm expecting before the Crop (unless by some miracle it doesn't come tomorrow!) There's talk of further strike action next week! Frankly I'm fedup and the management should just sack the darn lot for causing undue misery. Royal Mail is a business company and they need to modernise if they are ever to see the next century otherwise you might end up having a foreign company delivery mails instead! They are gonna lose more business and might just end up having to cut down on human resources instead in the near future if more strikes are carried out!

There is seriously something wrong with this country essential services. Take a look at the NHS! Another mess whereby a hospital has caused the death of 100 odd people due to C Diff virus! Shock horror! Look like you go to the hospital to DIE instead of getting cured, well, in this country! What is wrong with the hygiene in this country??? Don't people wash their hands anymore or even keep clean? Gosh, for a so-called industrialed, developed country, it has one of the worst health care service in the world!

Rite, off to sort out my craft stuff and stuff for the boys as they have a busy day tomorrow too. Seems like everything that could have fallen tomorrow is happening! Arghhhh! Would have prefer to be with the boys as Zac has got a birthday party to attend and Oliver has a Beavers hike! Thank goodness for MIL who's staying with Zac while he has his party.

Will update with regards to the crop! Getting excited now! TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

Audrey - you need not have worried. What a fantastic crop! when's the next one ;)