Sunday, 14 October 2007

>>> Chill Out! <<<

Spent some time with the boys today. We went out to watch a movie, Ratatouille at Star City. Boy was the place crowded and then we realised it was the festival of Eid. Hubby asked a policeman what the fuss was and was told that it was it was Eid and they were keeping an eye out for idiots who were trying to spoil the fun! I had to laugh at his comment! That place is popular with the Asian (i.e. Pakistanis, Indians etc) community! There is a particular Asian food stall that I'm dying to try but since each time we're out together, I can't since the boys don't take spicy food and hubby hasn't had much experience with Indian food either. It's a dosai dish and one of these days, I'm gonna go by myself and experience it. Back home we had that kind of dish and I wanna find out if it's somewhat similar. I can't begin to tell you how much craving I have, that intense desire to fly home just for the sake of food!!! I know it sounds pathetic but I'm missing Singaporean food so badly! God, I'm so sick of eating bread every morning and I wish I could tuck into nasi lemak or wan tan noodle or even chwee kuay! As for lunch, it would be either carrot cake (black of course with loads of chilli) or yong tau foo (dry with chilli and lotsa seaweed in the soup) or chicken rice! Dinner would be pepper or chilli crab with steam prawns and hokkien mee! Followed by a 3 kg worth of duki or mangosteen or even a dozen durian pieces! Man, that would be such a paradise! Ok, I shall stop otherwise I'll be drooling over the PC keyboard! Boy if I ever thought I would be so depraved of my food here, I would have thought twice about settling down here! Seriously!!! TTFN!

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