Sunday, 7 October 2007

>>> Arabian Nite! <<<

Had a blast at the Arabian Night charity function which was held in Metrophole Hotel near the NEC. It was great to see that at least 95% of the party goers actually dressed up to the theme. The rest just simply looked out of place and I hope they felt so! They knew it was a themed function and chose to come in ordinary party clothes! What a dork! It certainly didn't cost a lot to buy an outfit, in fact far cheaper than a normal party clothes! Hubby spent less than £30 on his outfit. Hence, there was really no excuse not to dress up!

There were belly dancers, exotic dancers, an extremely agile guy, magician (he was uselesss!) that entertained us throughout the nite. The meal was fantastic (partly b'cos it wasn't British cuisine, more to the Middle East style) and for once, I really enjoyed it. Musice was great too and the dance floor was crowded! It was a live band and they did a great job. That event raised about £32k for the Dodford Children Farm (which specialised in providing holidays for the underpriviledged kids, kids that are socially & mentally scarred and/or physically disabled). Have to say, that amount is pretty impressive but at £10 a raffle ticket/game, I'm not surprised!

Anyway, here's my outfit for the nite:

Hubby and moi in our outfits! I had a veil but chose not to wear it as it was far too cumbersome!

Excuse my tummy but at the end of the nite, I was simply bursting after the meal and drinks! Moreover the skirt was exactly a right fit thereby leaving no room for expansion.

It was kinda strange to see a fair number of Bin Laden lookalike (not facewise, rather in clothes!) Some of the other men's costumes were quite impressive as well! The good thing about this theme was that footwear was casual, i.e. slippers!

Have to thanx MIL for looking after the boys who stayed over at hers! Nice to have the nite to ourselves, not to mention a lie-in the next day! TTFN!

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Jane said...

You looked fantastic Audrey,as did your OH....Ummm did you say something about 'Tummy' where is it? LOL