Tuesday, 23 October 2007

>>> Car Problem! <<<

Had today's schedule's mapped out....
11am doctor's appointment for Ollie
10.45am send Zac to Nan's

Guess what! My car blew my schedule by refusing to start. Battery went completely dead! Checked the light switch and it was on i.e. someone had been playing with it and left it on and thereby drained the battery completely! Instantly Zac started protesting but who else could it be as the last time I used it was on Friday evening, bringing him home from Nan's. After that no one else used the car. Gosh, he had a good scolding from me. Had to cancel the doc's appointment and rang up RAC. The chap came and sorted it but told me to keep the battery running for a good 20 mins. So bundled the boys up into the car and went for a drive! After making sure I had driven for a good 20 mins, we ended up at WHSmith and M&S at the Fort Shopping Centre. Had to get M&S chocco cookies of course and a packet of snowy balls (i.e. icy sugar coated chocco balls, absolutely delicious!) Then we headed to Nan's to see their cousins.

The RAC man mentioned about trying to charge my battery completely... if I drove an hour each day, it would take 8 days to charge it up fully. The thing is I don't even use it for that long and since it's half term, I hardly use the car. Hence, I think it's gonna take me a good month to charge it up and it's a new battery too!

Rite, off to create for a bit....TTFN!

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