Wednesday, 17 October 2007

>>> Sickies In The House! <<<

What a day! Had to keep poor Zac at home as he was still feverish! Rang for an appointment with the doctor. Poor soul didn't eat much though. He did have a short nap. Was advised by the Doc to monitor for rashes! Keeping fingers crossed that he will be ok tomorrow.

Hubby's away in Harrogate today and won't be back till tomorrow... of all the days to be away especially when his son is sick! Sick kids are so 'moany' and in Zac's case, he wants to be pampered and cuddled! I wouldn't mind except that laundry and household chores need to be done. Had to lie with him so that he could have a nap. Only problem is that it makes me wanna sleep as well! I once accidentally fell asleep at 2.30pm and woke up at 3.30pm much to my horror as I had to be at the boys' school at that time!!!

Did a bit of re-organisation of my craft supplies! Nothing like sorting them into colours and putting them away neatly to get the crafting mojo flowing back again! Been sorting out all the used kits and putting individual bits away separately. Will have to do a major overhaul of my craft room... reaching a stage where I'm getting overwhelmed with so much rubbish in there! God knows why I'm keeping so much used envelopes!!!

Rite, off to see if I can squeeze in a wee bit of scrapping at this ungodly hour!!!! TTFN!

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