Saturday, 27 October 2007

>>> Saturday! <<<

Can't say we did anything exciting except stay at home and chill out. Hubby was out in his office trying to clear the junk in his room as he's moving to another room on Monday. As for myself, made the boys do some homework and gave them some DS time too. I restrict them from playing their game set as they can be on them all day long if I don't stop them! In between all that, did some DT assignments that is due end of the month. Still waiting for Homegrown Oct kit to arrive ... darn the RM delivery!

Had a curry takeaway tonite as I didn't fancy cooking and hubby came back too late to cook. It's his turn to do the cooking most weekends as by then, I have had enough of it! Sure as hell miss being able to go to the hawker centres to get food readily cooked and in such variety!!! Sigh!

Trick or treat already started! I had my first call tonight while waiting for my curry delivery. The worst part is trying to find sweets to give away as I don't stock any in the house. I'm not too keen on the boys eating them so I don't buy any at all. Luckily hubby managed to find a tube of Fruitella so I gave that out!

Clocks move back an hour tonight so great that we get extra hour but pits that it now gets darker earlier!!! Yuks, really hate that!

Back to creating.... got loads to do... TTFN!

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