Thursday, 25 October 2007

>>> Manchester! <<<

Hubby had taken 3 days off so today we headed to Manchester for the boys' to get their osteopathic treatment at the OCC. We used to go there before and we stopped when the boys didn't need any. However, I was a little concerned about their health so decided to bring them for a checkup. Moreover, Zac had his MMR jab not long ago and I know that it screwed Ollie's internal system up bad so didn't want to take a chance with Zac!

Treatment went well. They picked up on Ollie's stomach tension which I failed/forgot to mention. Poor chap has been complaining of tummy pains of late and had to even see a doctor once when it hurt him real bad. As for Zac, they found tension in his tissues as well as compression in his chest. Poor guy has been getting up in the middle of the nite sniffing badly and generally needing help in clearing his nose. I've to bring them back in two weeks time for another dose of treatment. What I like about it is that there is no internal digestion of medicine. They work with their hands and somehow they are able to soothe/solve any internal upset in the body. We all know that in order to feel good, we have to feel good inside. If we ache inside, it manifest outside. Hence, that is why I wanted to make sure the boys were good inside as I felt they were getting a wee bit hyper for my liking! Apart from internal wellbeing, nutrition plays a part too so I make they avoid any food with too much 'E' composition! It's amazing when you really take the time to look at food labels, how much 'E' stuff is included! Sweets are the worst culprit hence the total abstinence of them in my house! Can't help it when they get them in school but I do limit how many they can eat and my boys have been trained to ask permission before they take in any sweet stuff. MIL doesn't believe in such hocus pocus but then during her time, how often did her kids have sweets??? Only on special occasion! Children these days are bombarded with sweets literally everyday!

After the treatment, we headed towards Manchester city to have lunch. Kids wanted to have duck horfun so we went to a Chinese restaurant. Then we went to Arndale shopping centre to have a look around. The boys had some new clothes and hubby bought himself a new haversack to carry about. Can't say I bought anything as it's hard to shop with family. Keeping an eye on the boys is hard work let alone doing any shopping.

I leave with some photos of today's outing:

While waiting for hubby to choose his haversack, the boys and moi waited outside and had a bit of photo session.

Zac spied a chocolate fountain in Thorntons and demanded to try. So we got him a strawberry coated chocco to try and boy did he enjoyed it. Finished off the entire stick without problem!

The boys couldn't help playing on these stones and came up with a game . Played on them for ages and couldn't get them off .

The Manchester Eye!
Moi and the boys! Excuse the crap camera that I've got at the moment! Can't wait to get my Nikon back as it has been sent to Singapore for repair!


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